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Aims of the CMA
The Constitutional Monarchy Association supporting the Monarchy believes that the Monarchy, as it has done for centuries, plays a crucial role in maintaining the stability, welfare and dignity of the nation. The constancy and impartiality inherent in our Monarchy secures for the people freedom from civil or military dictatorship, and ensures a genuine concern for the entire community. Our Queen has devoted her entire life to the service of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.
However, the future of the British Monarchy has been called into question by a minority, which has attracted publicity from sensation-seeking media. There has been unwarranted intrusion into the privacy of the Royal Family, while the Queen’s dedication to duty remains an inspiration to all.
The CMA is independent of any political party or group, and prejudice against any section of the community has no place in its policy or programme. Its aim is, quite simply, to unite those who wish to promote, support and defend our Monarchy.

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