Visit to Restoration House, Rochester, Kent on 5th June 2009

A Member’s personal impression on the visit

09-06-05 006

Members met in Rochester, for centuries the only crossing of the Medway between Dover and London. After the end of the Civil War it was, therefore, a logical place for the Royalists to choose a house for Charles II to stay on the way to be crowned at Westminster Abbey.

The previous owner sold off the contents and for the past few years the present owner has been recovering items or finding items to restock in the period of the 16th and early 17th century. The building has been renovated in the same manner; even the lighting installed resembles candle light used then. Turning off the lighting, the owner showed the way sunlight was reflected by the decorations and paintings of the period.

Restoration House has a beautiful ¾ acre walled garden giving a peaceful haven in the heart of the City

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