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A lot of people have had a lot to say on the subject of monarchy over the centuries.

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They cost the earth!

Much is said by opponents of the Monarchy of the cost to taxpayers, why not ask them:

“We have had ONE coronation in sixty years — how much did it cost Americans to elect Twelve Presidents or the French for Ten?

As for security costs, well they all need protecting — wonder how much that costs the Americans?

The Country - we - own Palaces, Castles and Estates along with most contents; should the cost of maintaining them be attributed to the cost of having a Monarchy? Would Republicans pull down Buckingham Palace and build a Car Park and Supermarket? Or pull down Windsor Castle and build a Theme Park or maybe an extension to Heathrow?

The Royal Family are Patrons or Presidents of about 3,000 organisations - are the Republicans going to pay them to appoint someone else, including the cost of changing their livery and stationery?

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