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“I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service…”

So said Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II when she was Princess Elizabeth in a broadcast in 1947


Princess Elizabeth married Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten on 20th Nov 1947.

Our modern Constitutional Monarchy gives us a Queen who is:

an impartial symbolic Head of State above politics, commercial and factional interests

a focus for national unity, national awards and honours and national institutions

a Head of State whom we share with 15 other independent countries because she is their Queen too and that links us all together amazingly and most valuably

the Head of the Commonwealth because all 54 countries recognise her as this and so she is a special unifying symbol for them too

the centrepiece of colourful non-political ceremonial and national celebrations

separate from the Head of Government (the Prime Minister), unlike in some countries where the two are combined, often with difficulty

able to give impartial non-political support to the work of a wide range of different types of organizations, faiths, charities, artists, craftsmen etc

a Head of State completely under the democratic control of Parliament but not having to change every few years in divisive elections

at the head of a Royal Family who can share the duties and represent the Queen

a constant, lasting symbolic head of the country with links back through our whole history and assured lines of continuity into the future

a worldwide well-known and respected symbol of our country carrying out State Visits and goodwill tours in other countries